Travel Around the World Day

It was ‘Travel around the world day’ on Tuesday 5th July 2022 and the year 1 to 6 children visited different classes across the Infant and Junior schools which had been transformed into the countries that each year group have been studying in Geography this term.

“I enjoyed travelling around the school and completing art and craft activities related to each country. My favourite country to learn about was Jamaica.” Nicholas, Year 6.

“I really liked making the drums when I visited Jamaica. It was very creative. The weather was hot and it felt like we were all on holiday!” Sophie, Year 5.

“I enjoyed visiting Australia because we got to Do some aboriginal art. I thought the travel around the world day – we should definitely do it again!” Max, Year 4.

“I enjoyed going to all of the classrooms, completing lots of activities and learning about lots of countries. My favourite country was Jamaica, which was very interesting to learn about.” Munira, Year 3.

“It made me very happy today because I got to make things from different countries. When we visited Jamaica we got to make drums. I learnt about Australia and we dotted a koala like the Aboriginals. I would love for this day to happen again next year.” Finn, Year 2.

“It was fun! I liked that we got to travel around the school. My favourite thing I got to make was African necklaces.” Nancy, Year 1.

Thank you to all the staff for making it such a memorable learning experience for the children, especially Mr Coren, our History and Geography leader, who coordinated the day.