Travel Back in Time Day

On Thursday 10th February 2022 we had a ‘Travel back in time day’ to celebrate the learning that has taken place this half term in History lessons.

Well done to all of the teachers and children for their very informative displays and presentations in the school hall, which was transformed into ‘Harefield History Museum’ for the day. A special thank you to Mr Coren, who is the History subject leader across the Infant and Junior schools, for organising the day.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the effort given by the pupils in helping run the Harefield History Museum day – without your hard work and enthusiasm, we would not have been able to put on such a fantastic day! I hope that all parents/carers thoroughly enjoyed seeing what history looks like across both schools,” Mr Coren.

“I’ve come dressed as Sunita Williams, the astronaut. She was a fantastic explorer who floated around in space!” Zoe (Year 1 Cedar Class).

“We’ve been learning about Alexander Fleming, who made penicillin. I really enjoyed making mouldy bread!” Fleur (Year 2 Elder Class).

“We’ve been learning about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age and designed the Nebra Sky Disc. I liked creating the shield where I could use my imagination to think about what shields were like during this time,” Sienna (Year 3 Willow Class).

“I loved learning about Hadrian’s Wall in our Roman topic – it’s the longest and tallest wall, even bigger than a double decker bus. That’s huge!” Robbie (Year 4 Spruce Class).

“Learning about the Vikings has been great. I’ve enjoyed learning about why they left their homeland on Longships. Did you know that Vikings didn’t wear horns on their helmets?” Emilia (Year 5 Beech Class).

“My favourite thing about the Ancient Olympics was that if they won they wouldn’t get a medal, they’d get an olive leaf crown. I love that!” Bella (Year 6 Elm Class).