Senior Leadership Team

Executive Head Teacher: Mr A.Sunner

Head of School & Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr J.Downs

Assistant Head Teacher: Miss L.Churchill


Nursery Team

Teacher: Miss K.Frost

Key Workers: Mrs E.Halligan and Mrs K.Harrison


Reception Team

Chestnut Class: Mr M.Martisius

Maple Class: Miss A.Hackett

Learning Support Assistants: Miss S.Dempsey, Mrs D.Robinson and Mrs K.Sullivan


Year 1 Team

Ash Class: Mrs L.Middleton

Cedar Class: Miss L.Churchill

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs K.Childs and Mrs L.Lamacraft


Year 2 Team

Birch Class: Mrs L.Kerse

Elder Class: Mrs C.Atkinson

Pine Class: Mr J.Law

Learning Support Assistants: Miss R.Perez and Mrs N.Warne


Cover Teachers

Mrs M.Banks, Mrs M.Hassell and Mrs V.Mehta


Inclusion and Pastoral Team

SENDCo: Ms J.Trainor

Safeguarding, Pastoral and Welfare Officer: Mrs F.Hook


School Meals Supervisory Assistants (SMSAs)

Mrs C.Beard, Miss J.Brooks, Mrs R.Al-Ard, Miss H.Eyre, Mrs M.Keen, Mrs E.Matthews, Mrs L.Salmon, Mrs M.Savin and Mrs Y.Seager


Admin and Site Team

School Business Manager: Mrs C.Tong 

Finance officer: Mrs A.Edwards

School Office: Mrs C.Marriott & Mrs G.Dobson

Site Manager: Mr S.Pheney

Assistant Caretaker: Mr B.Miller

Cleaners: Mrs D.Garratt, Mrs L.Salmon and Mrs L.Stone